Monday, April 2, 2012

Free wedding gift - Limited spots available...hurry

I had a meeting with my team of proffesional photographers over the weekend. The guys are very good...good is an understatement. We met for an hour and I tried to convince them to add the most popular word in the english dictionary to there vocabulary.

Do you know what the word is?



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Important wedding decisions - dont make a mistake

When your financial muscle is a bit strained, there are certain things which you can 
compromise and they go unnoticed but there are some which will turn out into a disaster.

As a wedding photographer, I notice every little detail of a wedding. Trust me when 
I tell you what can and can’t do. Iam privileged to watch your wedding photos first 
before everyone else, even the bride and groom.

Wedding Shoes

For the groom, you can get away with a cheap shoe. A few people rarely look at 
the groom’s shoes. Moreover, if a man’s shoe fits perfectly, there is no problem 
of comfort. Just make sure you are wearing a brand new pair of socks, matching 
socks to be precise. It’s the blending of the socks and suit that can let you down 
not the quality of the shoe but….

Monday, February 20, 2012

Do not eat these before your wedding (Part 1)

Dairy products and soft drinks

After making a lot of investment into a wedding, most people get absorbed into the preparation that they make these deadly mistakes of eating the wrong foods. You definately dont want to have a bloated, running stomach feeling weak or some other weird feeling because you ate the wrong meals days or hours before your wedding.

You definately dont want to spend half of your wedding in the convinients rooms because of a running stomach. Trust me, your eating habits can mar your wedding.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

World class

World Class

Read this post to the end and you will know where to get a wedding ring for your bride

(posts by nano wedding photography specialists: 0774 367 915/ 0733 369 923)
“World class” is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “being of the highest caliber in the world.” When you see a world class car, you know it instantly. When you hear a world class musician, you know her instantly. When you see a world class athlete, you know him instantly. So it is with a world class company there is absolutely no doubt.

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